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Xbox Game Pass Still Has Several “Strong Announcements” To Unveil, Says Phil Spencer



Insiders point to a high-profile new Microsoft purchase

“Our investment in Game Pass and that system continues to be strong,” commented Xbox’s head of brand.

Despite the delay in the release date that Halo Infinite has suffered, Microsoft will not hold back in the face of the launch of Xbox Series X planned for this Christmas. Xbox Head of Brand Phil Spencer has said with confidence that his launch plans for the console have not changed.

Spencer says their investment in Game Pass continues, as they have “very good and strong announcements to come.” This has been commented on in the new episode of Animal Talking on Twitch, where he commented: “The positive for us, through the May event, in the summer and the July Xbox Showcase, has been the increase in the importance of Game Pass. Our investment in that system continues to be strong. “

“We still have some much bigger and stronger announcements coming to Xbox Game Pass, ” Spencer said moments later. Now, what are you talking about here around these ads? Games already announced, but which will be included in Game Pass? ¿ Perhaps new brand ads and Game Pass?

“What you’ll see from us going into the launch of the console, frankly, isn’t that much is going to change since players were going to know a lot about the console and Game Pass anyway. But these systems have great value. for gamers entering the next generation. “

This certainly falls into consideration with what was promised for the launch of Xbox Series X, as ” thousands of games from four generations ” were promised

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