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Bar Mitzvah party is decorated with a number of Nintendo switch



Bar Mitzvah party is decorated with a number of Nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch has become one of the best game consoles. Nintendo officials are trying their best to make it more efficient by releasing a great number of beautiful games. According to the Officials, Nintendo will stop manufacturing its hybrid console in 2020.

The Fans of Nintendo switch are also making copies of their favorite game console such as a man built a Giant Nintendo switch TV for his son. Today, we are going to share with you another story that will make your day better. According to a Reddit user, He(a Jewish player) had a fantastic surprise for his son. Look what he did for Bar Mitzvah Party.

According to Jewish law, “when a Jewish boy is 13 years old, he becomes accountable for his actions and becomes a bar mitzvah. A girl becomes a bat mitzvah at the age of 12 according to Orthodox and Conservative Jews, and at the age of 13 according to Reform Jews.”

What would you do if you were there at the party?

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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