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Batman: Gotham Knights reveals a part of its map with a new image



The video game industry has managed to open its doors enough since its birth to other media to be able to use characters from highly acclaimed franchises with which to create titles that remain to be remembered and, precisely, Batman would be one of those figures that have received numerous titles for years; something that will be repeated in the future thanks to Batman: Gotham Knights, which would be a restart of the Arkham saga that is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal.

The thing is that after having seen a first teaser of the game and having learned of the existence of a series of leaks that would have revealed its exact presentation date , the mysterious account that the company has opened to release more clues about Batman: Arkham Knights has back to action.

On this occasion, the publication consists of a kind of code that we can put on a web page that urges us to wait a few more days to know what the game will be like. However, some users have already discovered a couple of first official images of the game that would have revealed a portion of its map . Next, we leave you with the caption that has been shared by Caillou Pettis on Twitter:

Although in the image you can see the shape of some of the buildings that will populate the city of Gotham, the truth is that it is still too early to be able to recognize any emblematic place in the city; Although those responsible for Batman: Gotham Knights are expected to shed new clues about the project in the next few hours.

Finally, and with the aim of finishing the information shared here, we can only remind you that in Areajugones we will be extremely attentive to both Warner Bros. Montreal and the DC FanDome in order to bring you any news that arises in relation to Batman: Gotham Knights .

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