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Crusader Kings 3’s AI used to be excessively thirsty



1.5 million eaten captives and 29,000 revived Roman Empires: Crusader Kings III game statistics

Crusader Kings 3 puts the player in the seat of power, ruling over a dynasty and attempting to spread their family’s influence beyond humble territories into ruling an empire. There are multiple ways to go about this, including being a faithful ruler who relies on the pope or raising an army to go to war. Of course, there’s another method: seduction and romance. Players who need to win over a tough opponent or forge a political alliance can set up a marriage, or they can underhandedly seduce another lord and revel in the chaotic aftermath.

In the Crusader Kings 3 August Update on YouTube, the developers shared that they really needed to dial things back on the romance front, as it was feasible for seduction to turn wild.

“[The non-military AI] will help ensure that this world feels like it’s actually alive. Sometimes we will have to have some restrictions on the AI for how it interacts with the player just so that it doesn’t get overwhelming or frustrating. The prime example here is seduction, where at various stages in the game we’ve needed to tweak the rules so that if the player is playing a woman rather than a man they just don’t get a hundred seduction attempts constantly. While that might sadly be quite realistic in some ways it’s not an experience you want in the game or in reality.”

So, during advancement, female rulers were essentially getting a nonstop run of notices as medieval Tinder swipes. There are likewise approaches to reverse the tables; Crusader Kings 3 permits players to establish uniformity across sexes or religions or even make it so middle-age Europe is comprised of a series of matriarchies. It’s behind the times, however in these interactivity saves, it would be dukes and rulers who ended up totally amassed by parched women and court visitors.

Indeed, even with these changes, there’s still a lot of room for romance and cheating-related carnage.

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