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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How to Play as Ms. Chalice



Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How to Play as Ms. Chalice

The new DLC of Cuphead allows players to play with three characters of the Cuphead. Cuphead, Mughead, and Ms. Chalice. In the base game, the players didn’t get to play with Ms. Chalice’s character and now in the DLC, they would be able to play as her.

In this guide, we tell you how to Play as Ms. Chalice in the DLC of Cuphead.

Playing as Ms. Chalice

In the story of the DLC, Ms. Chalice is trapped as a ghost in Astral Plane and she did try to come back to her normal body but the recipe didn’t work for too long, and also it replaces another character in the Astral Plane so Ms. Chalice can return to her normal state for some time. That recipe was created by Chef Saltbaker and now he asks us to find the exceptional ingredients for his new recipe Wondertart which will bring Ms. Chalice to her normal body.

Playing as Ms. Chalice

After the first interaction with Chef Saltbaker when we get out of his bakery, we’ll get a message from him saying that we can equip Cookie Charm from the menu to battle as Ms. Chalice. In order to equip the cookie charm, open the menu and go to your charms. You’ll see a cookie logo in the lower row, equip the cookie charm. You’ll be able to play as Ms. Chalice in the boss fights. You can also learn her move set by going to a cart on the right of the bakery. You can do Parry Dash, Double Jump, and Dodge Roll with Ms. Chalice. Dodge Roll is very good in battles as it adds invincibility while rolling.

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