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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How to Defeat Moonshine Boss



Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How to Defeat Moonshine Boss

Moonshine Boss is the first major boss of the DLC from which you get the first ingredient for Wondertart recipe. You can find Moonshine Boss in the Bootlegger Boogie level on the left side of the King’s Leap challenge location.

In this guide, we tell you how to defeat the Moonshine Boss.

Defeating Moonshine Boss

Moonshine Mob has three phases and all of them have different attacks so you have to look out for the ones that you can parry or simply dodge. In the first phase, you’ll have to defeat the spider running around on the three platforms. You can use the Crackshot weapon as it doesn’t need to be aimed at the enemy to hit the enemy. Just spam the fire button to hit the spider moving around on the platforms. There’ll be bees and cops coming on the platform as well and shooting different projectiles toward you, you can dodge them by moving away or jumping on another platform. The spider will also throw green insects at your position which will bounce diagonally so, your best option is to move away from it and keep shooting at the spider.

Once the spider is down, the second phase of this battle will start in which a ladybug will come on the middle platform with her jukebox. The jukebox will shoot several stripes across the platforms and it will hurt you when the stripes turn to red, you can dodge the red stripe by doing the Dodge Roll movement. To defeat her, you need to keep shooting at her and dodge the stripes along with the bees, cops, and XXX Barrels on the platform.

Defeating Moonshine Boss

Once the ladybug is down, an Anteater will come up and destroy the middle and upper platform. He’ll attack by sucking different bugs into his nose and throwing them onto you. The bugs will bounce diagonally so, just move away from its direction when he throws them toward you. You need to keep shooting at his face to damage him and you’ll get a knockout sign but it would be a fake one. A snail will come out of his hat and start shooting at you. You can dodge his attacks by moving and jumping while shooting at him. He’ll die in a few seconds and you’ll get the real Knockout screen.

After clearing the mob level, you’ll get the Distillery Dough which is the first ingredient of the Wondertart recipe.

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