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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to mine Goldlite Ore



Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to mine Goldlite Ore

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the newest expansion to the massive monster-hunting RPG. Just like all RPG resources are a must-have to upgrade your characters, weapons, and items. Resources will also help you in crafting different consumable items. Goldlite Ore is you to upgrade your Master Rank equipment. This is a rare resource as well that can be collected by mining in the mining outposts.

In this guide, we are going to tell you the easiest way and the region you can go to mine Goldlite Ore.

Quest Counter

Firstly, you will have to go to the quest counter in your outpost. It’s called Outpost Quest Counter, head in and you will find a menu to select different types of quests. You’ve to select Expedition Tour and then further select A Tour to the Plains. You will get the Expedition Tour Quest in your top left corner you can simply select it and there will be an option to Depart, select Depart and you will teleport to the Expedition Tour.

Quest Counter

Sandy Plains

Now, that you’ve teleported to the Sandy Plains by using Depart feature. After you’ve arrived you can open your map it will show you the map for Sandy Plains. You can use the legend option on the map to check all the places of interest that you want to do and explore on your Expedition. You will start from the Main Camp of the Sandy Plains. In the Icon List Selection, you’ve to select Materials and then search for the Mining Outcrop and select that option. This will show a white question mark icon on the map which are the locations for the Mining Outcrops.

We will be finding The Goldlite Ores from the Mining Outcrops. Now make yourself to the first Mining Outcrop location. You will find a White mining outcrop. You’ve to press use and it will mine the resources from the mining outcrop. You will get the Goldlite Ores from the mining outcrop. There is a ruin also in the Sandy Plains it will be shown on the map as well. You’ve to visit the ruin and you will find more white mining outcrops there from where you can get more Goldlite Ores. You can use this farm technique to complete all the mining outcrops in the Sandy Plains to get yourself a good amount of Goldlite Ores. If you open your map inside the ruin, it will show you the ruin’s map and all the mining outcrops in the ruin which will eventually help you in farming the Goldlite Ores with ease.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to mine Goldlite Ore

Some of the mining outcrops will also give you more Goldlite Ores i.e x2, x4 Goldlite Ores. It’s like the multipliers for doing mining for the Goldlite Ores resources at the mining outcrops. The Goldlite Ores will help you to upgrade your weapons and armor in the Master Rank. This will make your character stronger helping you hunt for harder monsters. This is the farming method you can follow to get yourself a decent amount of Goldlite Ores. Mining Outcrops can also be found in other regions and islands as well which will give you different rarities of resources. You can also re-do the farming how many times you want, the loot will reset every five minutes which means you can get yourself a decent number of resources if you’re doing the mining.

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