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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to Mine Eltalite Ores & Awegite



Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to Mine Eltalite Ores & Awegite

Resources are very important in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak as it allows players to make heavy gear and weapons. There are also rare resources spread around different areas on the world map of the game and two of those rare resources are Eltalite Ores & Awegite. Both of these resources are used to upgrade the variety of Master Rank equipment.

In this guide, we tell you how to Mine Eltalite Ores & Awegite.

Getting Eltalite Ores & Awegite

Eltalite Ores & Awegite are mined from the Blue and White Mining Outcrops that are spread in the different areas of the world map. But we have found a way to easily get Eltalite Ores 7 Awegite every time and once you have got these resources from an Outcrop, you have to wait for a minimum of 5 minutes to reset the loot.

The easiest way to get these resources is to go to the Quest hub and select the Master Rank, you need to select the Expedition Tour of the Shrine Ruins. You’ll be going to the Shrine Ruins area to get these resources from the guaranteed spots. There are a total of 5 spots of Mining Outcrops from which you can get these resources. These mining outcrops are the ones that will give you the uncommon ores which are basically rare ores. Once you are in the Shrine Ruins area, open the map and open the icon list, and select the Mining Outcrops from where you’ll get uncommon ores (The White one).

Getting Eltalite Ores & Awegite

Go to the location of the Mining Outcrops and interact with it to mine the outcrop and you’ll get 2x Eltalite Ores & 2x Awegite or you can get 4x Eltalite Ores. After getting the resoureces from all the locations of mining outcrops, exit the quest and return after 5 minutes. All the loot of the Mining outcrops will be reset and you can do your run again and get resources. You can farm these resources and upgrade the gear and weapons of Master Rank to overcome the monsters.

You can also find these resources at the other Master Rank quests locations. You can find them in Frost Islands, Jungle, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, and the Flooded Forest. If you don’t know the locations, you can always use the map to reveal the locations of Mining Outcrops that’ll give you uncommon ores.

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