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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Early Bow Build



Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Early Bow Build

Bow weapons are long-range weapons that allow you to support your allies that are in close combat with the monsters. Bows have high mobility and their Power Shots deal great damage to the monsters. The arrows can also be coated with an ointment to deal extra damage from a distance. You can also use an arrow that thrusts an explosive stake into the monster and also an arrow loaded with Ironsilk that deals severing damage to the monster.

In this guide, we have created the best early build for Bow to take out the monsters from a distance.

Best Early Bow Build

In the build we’ll be going through the Bow you want to use for this build, Gear that you want to wear, Decorations, and Skills.


The Bow that you want to use is Herald’s Battlebow+. This bow is decorated with Brace Jewel of Level 1. It has an attack power of 310 on each hit. The slots you want to equip for this bow are: (Level 1) Spread Level 3, (Level 2) Spread Level 3, (Level 3) Rapid Level 3, and (Level 4) Rapid Level 4. The attacks of this weapon will get you through Master Rank 1 & 2.


The Armor pieces that you want to wear are the following.

For the Head, wear the Tetranadon Helm X armor. You can create this armor with Tetranadon Finedisc ×1, Tetranadon Thickhide ×3, Tetranadon Greatbeak ×1, and Flood Sac ×2.

For the Torso, wear the Tetranadon Mail X armor. You can create this armor with Heavy Tetra Carapace ×4, Tetranadon Thickhide ×1, Massive Bone ×1, and Frocium ×2,

For the Arm, wear the Izuchi Braces X armor. You can create this armor with Great Izuchi Thickhide ×3, Great Izuchi Grindtail ×2, Tough-Claw ×2, and Izuchi Tail ×1.

For the Waist, wear the Izuchi Coil X armor. You can create this armor with Great Izuchi Thickfur ×3, Great Izuchi Thickhide ×1, and Prized Pelt ×1.

For the Leg, wear the Pukei Greaves X armor. You can create this armor with Pukei-Pukei Cortex ×4, Large Pukei-Pukei Sac ×2, and Pukei-Pukei Fellwing ×2.


You need to put the following jewels on the armor pieces.

  • Brace Jewel Level 1 on Tetranadon Helm X.
  • Tenderizer Jewel Level 2 on Tetranadon Mail X.
  • Quickload Jewel x2 Level 1 on Izuchi Braces X.
  • Steadfast Jewel x2 Level 1 on Izuchi Coil X.
  • Tenderizer Jewel Level 2 and Steadfast Jewel Leve 1 on Pukei Greaves X.


You need to equip the following skills for this build.

  • Constitution Level 5
  • Normal – Rapid Up Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Speed Eating Level 2
  • Stun Resistance Level 3
  • Critical Eye Level 2
  • Flinch Free Level 2
  • Reload Speed Level 2
  • Evade Window Level 1
  • Ballistics Level 1

After equipping the skills and putting jewels on the armor, Bow’s defense will go up to 448 and you can easily tank some of the hits. If you want to deal extra damage then you put on charms as well. The charms will increase the damage to your skills.

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