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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Defeat Lunagaron



How to Defeat Lunagaron

There are several bosses in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that you have to defeat in the Master Rank Quests. By defeating the bosses, you’ll get several rewards and resources that will help you make new equipment of Master Rank. One of the main bosses of Master Rank is Lunagaron. It is a four-legged monster that can be found in Citadel, Forgotten Temple, Frozen Islands, and The Jungle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Lunagaron Boss and what rewards you’ll get.

Defeating Lunagaron

Lunagaron is a four-legged wolf-looking monster whose movement is very fast and can jump around in the battle to change positions. To deal damage to this monster, you have to hit him on his head, torso, and two front legs. This monster takes the most damage on his head, so try hitting his head to stun him. If he gets stunned then you can land several strikes on him to deal massive damage.

Lunagaron is an elemental ice monster so, it would take more damage to the fire attacks. The preferred weapons for this fight are the ones that deal fire damage. You can use long swords for this fight as they have Ironsilk that buffs up your attacks in the ring. The slashes on the head or body will deal also more damage to him. Hitting hard slashes on the head of the monster will stun him for a few moments and you can land combo on him to deal massive damage.

Lunagaron has several attacks that you need to look out for because he does great damage with his attacks. We’ll go through all of his attacks and how to dodge them.

In the fight, he’ll jump around and continuously move so try to focus on his movement because he can jump on you or charge you and strike you. If you see him jumping onto you or charging towards you, try to roll out his way to dodge his attack. He can also body slam you by jumping onto you and he can do this attack even staying close to you. So, if you are hitting him with your attacks and you see him jumping, roll out the way to avoid the body slam.

You’ll also see him scream and when he screams, he creates a frozen mist that’ll do freezing damage to you so, try to move out from the mist range when he screams. He can also release ice breathing from his mouth and deal freezing damage to you so, when you see him lowering his neck to the back, move away from the front of his mouth. When you get his health too low and he is in a Bipedal state, he’ll start to slash in front of him so, try to maintain a distance to not get hit by his claws. He can also attack with his leg and tail so if you are behind him, he can swing his leg or tail onto you. Look for his leg or tail movement to roll out the way to dodge the attack.

Try to deal as much damage as possible when he is in a Bipedal state. You can go behind his head so he would not be able to hit you with his claws and you can start to strike him with your slashes of the sword. Try to deal fire damage to him more to quickly drain his health.


Once you defeated him or captured him, you’ll get the following rewards.

Lunagaron Cortex, Lunagaron Shard, Talon of the Vermillion Moon, Colm. Hard Frost, Lunagaron Blue Core, Lunagaron Ice Jewel, Castrate. Lunagaron Whip, and Wyvern’s Tear G.

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