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F1 22: Beginners Guide



F1 22: Beginners Guide

F1 22 is one of the most popular games in recent times in the history of F1 as it is getting more attention and a lot of newcomers are trying this game. There are some technical things that new players would find hard.

In this guide, we’ll be going through the basics and changes of the game so the new players can know better about the game.

Beginner’s Guide

As most of all people know that Formula 1 is about competitive Track Racing around the globe for the championship and the F1 game is also about that. So, the people blend in well with the game knowing its nature and all but there are things in the game that you need to understand to get better at the game.

Features of the Game

F1 has added new things to this year’s game and one of the features that they added is F1 Life which is basically a hub within the game where you can design the way you look and place your character lives at. They’ve also added supercars into this game however this feature has received some mixed emotions from the true fans of F1 due to it being an F1 game and not a Street Car game. You can also customize the supercars.

The two main features people play within the game are a single-player career and My Team. Single Player career is where you create your own character in the world of F1 and race for whatever team you like in a 10-year career season. In My Team, you create your own team within F1 and try to get them to the top. The other features of the game are Multiplayer races where you can race online with players or with your friends. There is also an E-Sport event that will be held at the end of the year and players can compete in it.


There are many assists in the game and all of the newcomers to this game probably be using the assists in the game to control the car. But not all the assists are needed to perfectly control the car. It is important to know which ones are best and which ones are not. The newcomers to this game can choose the assists the way they like their car to be handled in the race. However, if you are someone who wants to improve how they drive with the controller or wheel and are looking to get better at the game then you should stick to this advice. The first assistance to remove will be Steering assist and Braking assist. These two assists don’t give you the feel of the car and mostly leave the game to do it itself. You can leave the Traction and Anti-Lock Brakes assists on as well as the Gearbox assist and when you get better at driving then you can start to turn them off one by one to test your skills.

F1 22: Beginners Guide

AI Level

You can adjust the AI level of the game by yourself and to enjoy the game and have a bit of a challenge it is recommended to put the AI level just above your Threshold. By doing this you will enjoy the game more and you won’t get bored by winning every race by a margin of 30 seconds from second place. AI level is to enjoy the game more and test your skills with the AI so, you can practice with them and test your driving on difficult tracks with them.

These were some of the features that should be known to all the players of the F1 game so they can understand the game better and enjoy it in the way they like.

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