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F1 22: Tips & Tricks



F1 22: Tips & Tricks

The new F1 game is a bit more competitive as there are players trying to get their teams to reach the number 1 spot and there are individual players who are practicing the tracks to master them. But the main priority of the game is to race and win the events.

In this guide, we’ll tell you some tips & tricks to improve & better your experience.

Tips & Tricks

We’ll be going through the major mechanics changes in the new game and all of the techniques to handle them better.

Tires Physics

The new tire rules were introduced in the F1 22. In the new game, the rim diameter has been changed to 18 inches from 13 inches and tire blanket temperature were reduced from 100 degree Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius. The temperature affects the handling of the car. The lower temperature and Smaller Tire profile lead to colder temperatures and produce much lower grip when on track. You’ll be able to see the temperature by pressing the Circle button or B key. The output will be shown on the right bottom corner and you have to keep the tires between 80 degrees and 100 degrees for the optimal grip. Anything outside of this and you’ll start slipping on the tracks. This is much easier in the Formation Lap, use this time to increase the temperature in the tires and make sure that the carcass is within the optimal range before reaching the start box.

Immersive Mode

The immersion of formation laps and pit stops have now been introduced. You can now drive the car into the pit box and choose the turning point when entering the pit. Both of which can get an advantage over your opponents if affected. For the formation laps, a graphic is now overlaid in front of your pit box to show how well you’ve parked. The red will show you that you are way behind the line, the green will show you that you are in a good position and the purple will indicate that you have parked in the optimal position for launch.

Same as when you are about to drive in into your pit box, a graphic overlay will be shown and you’ll have to turn. If you turn on the red then it means you were a bit slower, if you turn on the green then it means it was a good turn, and if you turn on the purple then it was the perfect and optimal turn into the Pit Box.

Time Trial

The best way to learn the time trial tracks is by practicing. This mode will allow you to learn all the best conditions possible. It gives access to the rival ghosts, their lines, and wet or dry conditions on the laps. It also allows you to try the custom sets of your rivals or opponents on the leaderboards. You can experiment with different custom sets to learn all the conditions in the race.


There are also supercars in the F1 22 and they are a bit different in handling than the F1 cars. If you are going at a high speed and you try to sharp turn on the corner, you’ll be hitting a barrier in front because the supercars don’t have that much grip at high speed like the F1 cars. You have to slow down your car and turning them on 50 – 100 meters before the usual breaking point should be a good marker for them.

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