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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Defeat Daimyo Hermitaur Boss



Defeating Daimyo Hermitaur

There are several bosses in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that you have to defeat in the Master Rank Quests. By defeating the bosses, you’ll get several rewards and resources that will help you make new equipment of Master Rank. One of the main bosses of Master Rank is Daimyo Hermitaur. It is a huge monster crab that can be found in Sandy plains, Forgotten Temple, Flooded Forest, and The Jungle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Daimyo Hermitaur Boss and what rewards you’ll get.

Defeating Daimyo Hermitaur

Daimyo Hermitaur is a crab monster that has large claws to cover itself or attack you. The claws and the back of this monster are very durable and hitting on these points will do no damage to it. The hit points of this monster are its head, arms, and torso. The major damage that this monster takes is on its head, hitting him on the head will do massive damage and if you hit it with a hard strike, it will be stunned and you can land several hits on this monster while it is downed.

As Daimyo Hermitaur is a water elemental monster so, it would take more damage to the lightning or fire weapons. The preferred weapons for this fight are the ones that deal lightning or fire damage. You can use a hammer for this monster because Hammer’s Impact Burst attack will do massive damage to it and even more if the strikes hit on its head. Hammer is able to land some heavy shots and you’ll be able to stun it with the strikes on its head.

In order to defeat Daimyo Hermitaur, you also need to know its attacks. There are several attacks by this monster and we’ll go through all of them and how to dodge them.

Defeating Daimyo Hermitaur

The basic attack of this monster is the strikes that it does with its claws. You need to maintain a certain distance to doge them. The other attack that it does is that it jumps up and lands with its claws on the ground. If you don’t move away, you’ll get damaged by its claws. When you see it jumps up, you need to dash back because it will land in the same position from where it jumped so, if you move away from that position, you’ll take no damage. This monster will also go underground to attack, it will go hide in the ground and swiftly jump up to attack you. You’ll only get like a second to dodge away from it and if you don’t move away, it’ll strike you.

This monster also attacks with the water. It will shoot two types of water beams and they both will do water damage to you. The one beam that it does with the water is above the ground level while moving so, you’ll also have to move away from the beam and not get hit by it. The other beam that it does is that it stays still and does the water beam attack on the ground level which you can dodge by jumping over it. When it does this attack, try an get close to it because it will be open to your attacks and you can easily hit it with the special skills attacks. Try to take advantage of this moment because you will be able to do the most damage to it at this moment.

Don’t try to attack the monster from the back because it will turn around quickly and charge at you. It will deal much damage to you if you get caught by it so, don’t try to over-rush this monster and focus on its moves to make your play and deal damage to it. You can also use sonic bombs in this fight because sonic bombs will leave them exposed to you for a while and you can do a massive amount of damage to it at that moment. Just focus on its moves and dodge them as you see them coming then try to hit it with a couple of strikes with a hammer and then move back a bit. When it does the water beam while staying still, go and hit it with the Impact Burst attack and then do the follow-up strike on its head to stun him to deal more damage.

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