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Outriders Worldslayer: Final Boss and Ending



Outriders Worldslayer: Final Boss and Ending

The Final Boss of the Outriders Worldslayer expansion campaign is Lore Commander Ereshkigal. You’ll face her at the end of the Worldslayer campaign to save Enoch. She is the toughest boss in the game and defeating her solo is very difficult as it requires a lot of reading about her moves and making plays to deal damage to her.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Lore Commander Ereshkigal.

Defeating Ereshkigal

To defeat Lore Commander Ereshkigal, you’ll have to fight her from a distance because she has AOE attacks and Flying attacks that are needed to be dodged otherwise she’ll kill us in a couple of hits. To fight her and deal damage to her from a distance, you’ll need to use a long-range weapon. To deal maximum damage from a distance, it is preferred to use a legendary assault rifle for this fight. All the legendary rifles have tier 3 mods that’ll be dealing thousands of damage to her per shot.

Defeating Ereshkigal

So, the basic strategy of this fight is to fire at Ereshkigal but you’ll also have to focus on her moves and get out of the range of her attacks. She has several attacks and one of the main attacks that she does is that she flies in the sky and shoots red skulls on the ground. You cannot deal damage to her while she is in the air so, you’ll just have to focus on running and dodging the red skulls from hitting you. After she has landed then you can start shooting at her to deal damage. She’ll also have an attack where she flies up and does a fly-by on the half portion of the battle area. When you see her go up in the air, you’ll notice a red line on the ground. You need to get to the other side of the line to dodge her attack, she will fly down in that area and damage you with her wings.

She is immune to all damages when she is in the air so, whenever you see her going up in the air, dodge her attacks and wait for her to land on the ground to attack her. She’ll also summon the soldiers to help her in the fight. Take out the soldiers as they’ll take only a few hits to die and then focus on shooting at Ereshkigal. When you get her HP low, she’ll start to teleport near you and you’ll see a red circle where she’ll teleport. If you are in the red circle, move outside of the circle and start shooting at her when she comes into the circle.

Outriders Worldslayer: Final Boss and Ending


Once you defeated her, you’ll get a Pax Point and you’ll also get some gear pieces from her body. You’ll also get an Ascension Point that lets you convert your XP into passives that you can equip to buff your character.

After getting the rewards, you’ll see an Elimination option on her body. Interact with it to start the last cutscene of the game.

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