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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Auxiliary Camp Locations



Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Auxiliary Camp Locations

Camps are used to fast travel through different maps to reach quickly on the destined quests. Just like in the Monster Hunter Rise base game, there are also Auxiliary Camps in this game that can be found, and in order to set up the camp for usage, you probably need to do a sub-quest. The sub-camp in different maps will allow players to travel more quickly to the far quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the locations of Auxiliary Camps that can be found on different maps in the Sunbreak expansion.

Auxiliary Camp Locations

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion, there are 2 different sub-camps that players can find on different maps. Both of these camps will allow players to fast travel through these locations. 1st sub-camp can be found in the old map The Jungle and the 2nd sub-camp can be found in the newly added map Citadel.

Location of Auxiliary Camp in The Jungle

To find the exact location of the camp, go to the Jungle map and make your way to the beach which is the 3 number on the map. Once you are on the beach, look to the south side and you’ll notice a yellow line going up along the wall. Go near the wall and climb up along the yellow line and you’ll enter the small entrance of the Auxiliary Camp. Once you enter, you’ll get a notification from Arena Master Arlow. The notification will tell you to complete Oboro’s quest to set up the camp.

Location of Auxiliary Camp in The Jungle

Now head back to Elgado and talk to Oboro the Merchant, he will give you a quest of killing 8 Hermitaurs in the Jungle. To kill these monsters, go back to the beach and you’ll find several of these small monsters. Kill 8 of these monsters and the camp will be set up for your use.

Location of Auxiliary Camp in Citadel

The sub-camp in the Citadel map is in the North-Eastern part of the map. You need to look for an opening that leads to the site of the camp. You cannot run on the walls around the camp so you’ll have to go inside the camp through the opening. To find this opening, go towards the path that leads to the northern side after the 5 number on the map, and soon you’ll reach the North-East corner of the map in which there is a small tunnel that leads straight into the campsite. Once you found the camp, you’ll get the notification of the discovered camp.

Location of Auxiliary Camp in Citadel

To set up the camp, you need to return to the Elgado and talk to Oboro the Merchant. He’ll give you a quest to kill 8 Boggis in Citadel. These small monsters travel in packs and can be seen in various places in Citadel. Kill 8 Boggis to complete the quest and the camp would be available.

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