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Dead Space: How to Get Kinesis Module



Use of Kinesis Module

Dead Space has a lot of different schematics for the weapons and different modules for the Suit of the main Protagonist. Players will find different modules as they progress through the main story of the game and one of the modules that players can find early in the game is Kinesis Module.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Kinesis Module in Dead Space.

Kinesis Module Location

Kinesis Module can be found in the 2nd Chapter: Intensive Care. It can be found at the very start of the chapter on the boxes near the body. The exact location is Medical Deck which players can reach at the very end of the 1st Chapter: New Arrivals. It will be the shining items on the boxes near the body. Go near it to grab the module and put it in Isaac’s Suit.

Getting Kinesis Module

To get to the Medical Deck, players will have to go to the Flight Deck Tram Station which can be accessed through the Flight Lounge. After the Kellion has blown up, make your way to the Lounge and go to the left side to reach the Flight Deck Train Station. Go straight to access the elevator. Go down from the elevator and you will get to another door that leads to Medical.

Go through the Medical door and use the elevator to go down further and then you will reach the Medical Deck where you will find the Kinesis Module.

Use of Kinesis Module

Kinesis Module is used to move the objects. You can use it to move boxes as well as big components. Additionally, it can be used to hit enemies with a sharp item on the floor so, if you are out of bullets then it can come in very handy.

However, just like the Stasis Module, it also needs to be recharged after a few uses. There are many Module Recharge Stations that you can find as you go ahead and explore the USG Ishimura. Make sure to recharge your modules.

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