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Dead Space: Chapter 1: New Arrivals – Walkthrough



Dead Space: Chapter 1: New Arrivals – Walkthrough

Dead Space Remake is out now and players will get to board the USG Ishimura once again. In the following guide, we’ll cover the 1st chapter (New Arrivals) of Dead Space.

New Arrivals – Walkthrough

Players will get to board the USG Ishimura with the crew and reach the Flight Lounge. Here, you will have to take a look at the damage to the USG Ishimura. Go inside the door on the right and go to the end to see the damage report and then the crew will be attacked by Necromorphs. You will have to run to the elevator through the door opened behind you. Run through the path to reach the elevator. Interact with the elevator to go down and you will find your first weapon “Plasma Cutter”.

New Arrivals – Walkthrough

Use the Plasma Cutter on the lock of the door to open the door and kill the Necromorphs by shooting at its Limbs. If you shoot at the body, it will not deal much damage so, aim at the arms and legs to kill the Necromorphs. Go ahead and make your way to Tram Control Room. You will have to get the Tram Running and in order to do that, you need to replace the Damaged Tram and find the Data Board. Go to the Tram Tunnel and make your way to Tram Station Hall. You will find a Stasis Module for your Suit outside the Tram Station Hall door. Use the Stasis on the door to slow it down and then go through the door.

Use the Locator by pressing the Right Stick to see the path to the current objective. Follow the path to reach the damaged tram. Interact with the repair tram control panel and then go to the next panel to activate the Claw. Now, be ready for more Necromorphs. Kill the Necromorphs and activate the claw and then use Stasis on it so it stays intact with the Tram. Now, go to the other Claw Control and activate the second Claw. Now, more Necromorphs will show up. Be ready to take them out. After killing the Necropmorphs, use the Tram Repair panel to replace the Damaged Tram. A couple of Necromorphs will show up so, kill them. The next objective is to find the Data Board.

You need to go to the Maintenance Bay to get the Data Board. Go back to the Tram Control and go to the Cargo and Baggage Hall. Go to the end of the hall and you will get to the circuit breaker from where you can open the Maintenance Bay door. However, you do want to open the Cargo Hall Storage to find some loot that will help you. Open the Maintenance Bay and then use the Locator and go along the path to reach the elevator. Use the elevator and make your way to another circuit breaker. Power up the Maintenance Room and Elevator. Now, make your way to the Maintenance Room but be careful because it will be darker and a lot more Necromorphs.

new arrival chapter 1

Go to the Maintenance Room and you will find the Data Board inside the room. There will also be a Bench that can be used to upgrade your weapons or suit. Make sure to grab the Node from a box on the wall and then you will be able to upgrade the weapon or suit. After finding the Data Board, you need to go back to the Tram Control. Install the Data Board in the Tram Main Circuit Board. Now, call the Tram and your crew will board the Tram and you will have to go back to Johnston and help her fix the Kellion.

Dead Space: Chapter 1: New Arrivals – Walkthrough

Make your way back to the ship to see the damage report of Kellion but the Necromorphs will destroy the Kellion and Johnston will die. Now, you need to make your way to the Medical Deck to find the Captain’s Rig. Use the Locator to reach the Medical Deck and retrieve Captain’s Rig. It will conclude the first chapter of Dead Space and the next chapter will start.

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