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Dead Space: How to Restart Centrifuge



Dead Space: How to Restart Centrifuge

Dead Space has a lot of different puzzles in the game that players will have to solve in order to progress through the game. In the third chapter of the game, players will have to initiate the main engine of the USG Ishimura but there will be no fuel. Players will have to restart the centrifuge after refueling the South & North Engines.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to restart Centrifuge in Dead Space.

Centrifuge Location

Centrifuge can be found in the Centrifuge area and players will have to start the decontamination sequence from the Decontamination Chamber and then restart the Centrifuge manually by going to the Centrifuge.

Restarting the Centrifuge

To restart the Centrifuge, go back to the Control Room to reach the elevator that will take you down to the Centrifuge. Before you go ahead into the Centrifuge area, make sure to grab some loot in the storage room when you come down from the elevator.

Make your way into the Decontamination Chamber to start the Decontamination Sequence. You will have to wait for the sequence to complete until then, you will get to kill some enemies. Once the sequence is completed, leave the decontamination chamber from the opposite door and enter the Centrifuge. Go to the right side to reach the zero-gravity area. You will have to attach two generator modules to the mechanism in the middle.

In order to join them, you will have to use Stasis at the spinning part of the module and then use the Kinesis Module to attach them to the mechanism. Attach both of the generator modules one by one and then go to the Centrifuge Control Panel to start the Centrifuge.

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