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Dead Space: Chapter 3: Course Correction – Walkthrough



Dead Space: Chapter 3: Course Correction – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the third chapter (Course Correction) of Dead Space.

Course Correction – Walkthrough

The Third Chapter will begin at the Main Hangar Bay of USG Ishimura. You will get to use your suit’s thrusters to fly through the area. Use the Locator to reach the Engineering Deck before your oxygen tank runs out. Once you are in the Engineering Deck, use the Control Console to see the Diagnostic Report. You will have to refuel the Engines in the South, refuel the Engines in the North, and fix the Centrifuge.

At first, you will have to refuel the Engines in the South. Use the Locator and follow it to reach the Refueling Control Stations. Stay on the left side and you will see a platform ahead. Use the Kinesis Module to pull the Platform towards you. Use the Switch to travel to the other side. Kill the Necromorphs and head up the stairs to get the Fuel Station Keycard. Now, go back down to use the Keycard to enter the Fuel Management Room.

You need to use the Circuit Breaker on the right side and turn on the South Refuel Station. You can turn on another function through Circuit Breaker. If you turn on the life support, you will not have to worry about your oxygen level. However, the lights will go dark. Choose the one that you are comfortable with and then use the Locator to reach the platform with the refueling system. Once there, use the Kinesis Module to lower the lever to fill the fuel in the South Engine. Now, go back to the Platform by which you came here. Use the Locator if you are having trouble finding the platform.

Activate the platform and go to the other side to refuel the North Engine. Use the Locator to reach the refueling system of North Engine. Once again, use the Kinesis Module to lower the lever to refuel the North Engine. Now, you need to restart the Centrifuge. Go back to the Control Room to reach the elevator that will take you down to the Centrifuge. Before you go ahead into the Centrifuge area, make sure to grab some loot in the storage room when you come down from the elevator.

Make your way into the Decontamination Chamber to start the Decontamination Sequence. You will have to wait for the sequence to complete until then, you will get to kill some enemies. Once the sequence is completed, leave the decontamination chamber from the opposite door and enter the Centrifuge. Go to the right side to reach the zero-gravity area. You will have to attach two generator modules to the mechanism in the middle.

In order to join them, you will have to use Stasis at the spinning part of the module and then use the Kinesis Module to attach them to the mechanism. Attach both of the generator modules one by one and then go to the Centrifuge Control Panel to start the Centrifuge. Now, head down by using the elevator and go along the path but be careful of the spinning arm of the Centrifuge. Make sure to stay on each space in the path to easily reach the other elevator. Use the Elevator to go up and enter the door to exit the vacuum.

You will be grabbed by a Tentacle and you will have to shoot the glowing orange part of the Tentacle to explode the tentacle into pieces. Now, go back to the Control Room through the Decontamination Chamber to get to the Zero-Gravity area. You can use the Locator to easily get to the location. Once you are in the zero-gravity area, you need to use Stasis on the spinning fans and go between the fans. Use the breaker and activate Airlock 2 to open the other door. Now, go back on the platform and open the airlock.

Shoot the glowing orange part in front to explode the tentacle and go to the Engine Room. As you go inside the Engine Room, you will get the Flamethrower. To use the Flamethrower, you will have to equip it in one of the slots. Go ahead on the path to reach the other side. Go to the elevator and use it to go down to the lower level. Go right and shoot the orange part of the tentacle to clear the path. Go ahead along the path to get to the elevator. Use the elevator to go further down. Here you will fight a new type of Necromorph. Kill the enemy from the range because it will explode and then use the Flamethrower to take out the mini-necromorphs.

Now, use the Stasis on the door to get through it. Kill the enemies on the way and then go inside the Engine Room. Clear the room with the enemies and then go to the end of the room to see the red socket. Go up the ramp in front of the socket and you will find the Power Cell. Use the Kinesis Module to place the Power Cell inside the Red Socket. The Ignition System will be initiated and you need to go to the control panel up on the first ramp. When the engines are ready, interact with the control panel to confirm the ignition.

After that, you need to return to the Tram Station. Use the Locator to go through the Control Room and reach the Tram Station. Once you are at the Tram Station, board the tram and select the Bridge as your destination. Getting to the Bridge will conclude the third chapter and the fourth chapter will start.

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