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Dead Space: How to Get the Flamethrower



Dead Space: How to Get the Flamethrower

There are a lot of different items as well as weapons that players will find throughout their gameplay. All weapons can be used to take down Necromorphs in some way and one of the early weapons that players can find in the game is Flamethrower.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Flamethrower in Dead Space.

Flamethrower Location

Flamethrower is one of the early weapons in Dead Space that players can get in the 3rd Chapter: Course Correction. Flamethrower can be found in the Engine Room which can be reached after players have unlocked Airlock 2.

Getting the Flamethrower

After starting the Centrifuge, go back to the Control Room through the Decontamination Chamber to get to the Zero-Gravity area. You can use the Locator to easily get to the location. Once you are in the zero-gravity area, you need to use Stasis on the spinning fans and go between the fans. Use the breaker and activate Airlock 2 to open the other door. Now, go back on the platform and open the airlock.

Shoot the glowing orange part in front to explode the tentacle and go to the Engine Room. As you go inside the Engine Room, you will get the Flamethrower.

Equip Flamethrower

After picking up the Flamethrower, it will be stored in your inventory. You will have to equip the Flamethrower in order to use it. To equip the Flamethrower, follow the following steps.

  • Press the Triangle Button to open the Inventory.
  • Select the Flamethrower and select it to see the Equip Option.
  • Press the X Button to equip it and then select the space that you want to allocate to the Flamethrower.

Flamethrower will be equipped and you can press the Directional Buttons to pull out the weapons that are currently equipped in the slots.

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