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Dead Space: How to Get Shock Pads



Getting Shock Pads

Dead Space has a lot of different puzzles in the game that players will have to solve in order to progress through the game. In the second chapter of the game, players will have to make an explosive charge and use it to open the path to the Emergency Room. To make the charge players will have to get the Shock Pads.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Shock Pads in Dead Space.

Shock Pads Location

The Shock Pads for the Hydrazine Explosive Charge can be found in the Limb Simulation Therapy. Players will be able to get to the Limb Simulation Therapy by reaching the Main Lab. Main Lab can only be reached once players have obtained the Hydrazine Tank.

Getting Shock Pads

Once you have obtained Hydrazine Tank, go back to the vacuum area and you will get to use the booster in the vacuum area as well. Go up in the vacuum area and go to the Coolant Pipelines. Make your way to the Security Station by following the Locator and then you will get to Research Wing where you will get to use Stasis on a door to cross through it.

Go into the Main Lab and the quarantine will come back online. You will have to kill the Necromorphs and then use the elevator to get to the lower level. There will be some more Necromorphs so, kill them as well. The quarantine will be disabled and all the closed doors will be opened.

Use the Locator and follow it to reach the Biological Prosthetic. You will get to kill a new type of enemy here. Kill the enemy and then go up the elevator and kill a couple of more. Go through the door to reach the Limb Simulation Therapy. Here you will find the Shock Pads. Switch off the shock Pads by using the Circuit Breaker and activate the door to grab the Shock Pads.

After obtaining the Shock Pads, you will have both the items needed to make the charge. You will have to return to the Security Station by following the Locator and plant the Explosive charge to make the path to reach the Emergency Room.

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