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Dead Space: How to Get the Captain’s Rig



Getting Captain’s Rig

Dead Space has a lot of different puzzles in the game that players will have to solve in order to progress through the game. In the Second Chapter of the game, the main objective will be to get the Captain’s Rig whose body is in the Emergency Room. The Path to the Emergency Room will be blocked for which players will have to make the Hydrazine Explosive Charge. To make the Charge players will have to find the Hydrazine Tank and the Shock Pads. Once they have done that, players will have to go to the emergency room to find the Captain’s Rig.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Captain’s Rig in Dead Space.

Captain’s Rig Location

The Captain’s Rig can be found on the body of the Captain which is in the Autopsy Room. Players will be able to get to the Autopsy Room by following Nicole’s Hologram in the Emergency Room. Once players reach the Autopsy Room, they will have to fight the infected Captain to get the Captain’s Rig.

Getting Captain’s Rig

Once players have opened the path by exploding the explosion, follow the path to reach the Emergency Room. Go into the Emergency Room and you will have to follow Nicole’s Hologram. Use the Circuit Breaker to activate the Shower to get the loot. After you have obtained loot, remove the power cell from the side of the Circuit Breaker and plug it into the left side of ER Hallway A door.

Once the door is powered up, open it and go to the right side. Follow the path to reach the Intensive Care Unit. Go ahead to the Morgue and use the Power Cell to open the elevator. Use the Elevator and you will reach Autopsy Room.

You will find the Captain in Autopsy Room and the captain’s body will get infected and you will get to fight the captain. Kill the captain and clear the Morgue from the enemies. After that, take the captain’s rig from the bed and your Security Clearance Level will increase which will let you open the locked doors and lockers.

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