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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Rekka



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Rekka

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action along with a taste of countless beats. Players will get to explore the city of Vandelay where they will get to uncover cool technologies as well as fight different enemies. As players progress through the game, they will get to fight different bosses that have only one purpose, to recall (Kill) the defected which is Chai, our main character. One of the main bosses that players will get to fight is Rekka.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush.

Defeating Rekka

Rekka’s both arms are robotic and she will be doing a lot of punching attacks as well as dashing attack combos with them. The Punching attacks are easier to dodge but if you get hit by one of the dashing combo attacks, you will be hit by the rest of the combo as well so, try to dodge it by looking at the ground. There will be a range meter and the direction of where Rekka will be dashing. Stay away from the range and the direction and let her complete her combo so, you don’t get in her way while she is doing the combo.

To deal damage to Rekka, hit her with your attack combos and try to sync them with the beat to deal extra damage and charge your special attack quickly. Once the special attack is charged, use it to deal a decent amount of damage to her. You can also call Peppermint during the fight to deal more damage to her. Once you have lowered her first bar, she will get stunned and you will get to deplete her first bar of HP. After that, she will remove the cover of the floor to absorb the electric current on her robotic arms.

Now, she will be able to land the punches with electric current. Punches can be dodged easily but she can trick you with the moves. She will also be doing the ground slam with the electric current that has a bit of range. If you are inside the ground slam range then you will get electrocuted which will take a lot of your HP. Try to maintain a distance from her and don’t go to remove the cover of the arena because it will give you damage as well. She will also do the slam attack on the electric wires which will generate shock waves in the arena and in order to dodge that, you will have to double jump and grab one of the magnets in the air.

She will create an energy shield around her which can be easily broken by calling peppermint. Other than dodging her moves, you can easily damage her by hitting her with the combo and calling Peppermint. Once you have depleted the second bar of her HP, you will get to complete a sequence of dodging the pipes that are thrown by Rekka. Dodge the Pipes by moving left and right and after the sequence, you can just use your special attack on her and call peppermint at the same time to deal great damage to her. She will be using pipes to do the slam attacks which can be dodged easily. She will also use her arms to grab you so, try to avoid it by doing a double jump until she stops trying to grab you. Other than that, just keep doing your combo attacks and calling peppermint to deal damage to her.

After depleting the third bar of her HP, the arena will turn red and she will begin to do the dashing combo with electric arms. You can just keep your distance until she has done the combo. After that, use your special attack if charged and call peppermint to deal damage. She will also be using the rest of her attacks so, just dodge them and keep calling peppermint to deplete her HP gradually. Once you get close to her, do the combo and land the perfect sync to stun her and do the special attack to defeat her.

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