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Hi-Fi Rush: Track 10: A Masterplan – Walkthrough



Hi-Fi Rush: Track 10: A Masterplan – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll cover the tenth stage of Hi-Fi Rush in which Chai makes his way to the main Vandelay Tower.

A Masterplan – Walkthrough

At the start of the stage, Chai will make his way up to the top of the Production building from where he will have to use the Artillery to make his way to the Vandelay Tower. You will have to go to the canon and interact with it to sync 808 with the canon. After that, the security will get alerted and you will have to take out the enemies. The enemies will try to shoot the canon so kill them first before they take out the canon. Defeat all off the enemies to trigger the cutscene in which Chai flies into the Vandelay building.

After getting inside the building, you will have to take out all the enemies in the Vandelay Cuisine area. After taking out all the enemies, go through the broken wall and go along the path. Go under the door which is half opened and then go through the vent to the other side. Call Macaron to break the door and the floor of the hallway will remove. Make your way through the tent and call Korisca to overheat the generator. Go along the platforms to reach another area before the platforms close. You will have to call Peppermint to shoot the blue switch to activate the Magnetic Points. Use the Magnetic Grab ability at the end of the platform to get to another area.

As you get to another area, you will get to fight an enemy robot. You will have to call Korisca and use her wind abilities against the robot to make an opening for your attacks. Defeat the robot and go upstairs and go through the broken wall. Go along the path to reach the Atrium. You will have to go to the Finance Section of the building to find Roquefort. Press the red button on the floor to activate the Magnetic Points. Go up by latching on to the magnetic points to reach the flying platform. You will get to fight the enemies on the platform. Defeat the enemies and go ahead to use the Zipline.

Use Zipline with Magnetic Grab and after that, call Peppermint to shoot the Blue Switch to activate the platforms. Jump on the platforms to reach the next flying station. Go through the station and then go on top of the station. Go to the locked door and call Macaron to break the door. Hit the switch on the left side of the door to activate the platform to go up on the station. Take the Zipline to get to the next station where you will get to fight some more enemies. Defeating the enemies will bring up the bird robot from earlier which will take you down to Atrium.

Defeat the bird robot and go up on the Atrium and you will see a weak point on the neck of the statue. Call Macaron and break the head of the statue. Go ahead and use the magnetic points to get to Finance Section. Roquefort will let you inside the office and you will get to fight him in a boss battle. There will be three different phases in which you have to defeat Roquefort but he will only have a single bar of health in each phase.

After defeating Roquefort, you will get his Password of SPECTRA and the tenth stage of Hi-Fi will be concluded.

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