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Hi-Fi RUSH is Confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Will Be Released on March 19



Hi-Fi RUSH is confirmed for PlayStation 5 and will be released on March 19

Earlier this year, there was a strong rumor circulating about Hi-Fi RUSH that Microsoft is planning to bring it to other platforms like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. Well earlier this day, Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of Hi-Fi RUSH officially announced that Hi-Fi RUSH will be making its way to PlayStation 5 on March 19. Bethesda Softworks also released an Announcement trailer of Hi-Fi RUSH on PlayStation 5 on their official YouTube channel.

Hi-Fi RUSH is a beautifully crafted rhythm-based action game made by Tango Gameworks and it was one of the biggest successful games for Microsoft and XBOX in the previous year. The game won Best Audio Design and was nominated for 5 different Game Award categories.

Furthermore, two more XBOX Games, Pentiment and Grounded were confirmed today at the Nintendo Direct and will be coming to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles, and the final fourth game, according to Microsoft, Sea of Thieves will be coming to PlayStation 5 on April 30.

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