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Pentiment and Grounded are Confirmed for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation



Pentiment and Grounded are Confirmed for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

During the Nintendo Direct yesterday, XBOX announced two of its games which include Pentiment and Grounded for Nintendo Switch. Both of them were showcased with their announcement trailers for Nintendo Switch and shortly after the event, Obsidian Entertainment, the developers for both of these games, mentioned in their blog that both of these games will also be launching on PlayStation and PlayStation 5 along with Nintendo Switch.

Pentiment will be made available on February 22 which is today on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles, and Grounded will be available on April 16 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles. In addition to the release of Pentiment today, players can also get physical copies of the game from February 22 to March 22. However, the physical copies of Grounded will be made available near the release date of the game.

Apart from these two XBOX games, two more exclusive XBOX games were announced for PlayStation 5 after the Direct event. These games include the brilliant rhythm-based adventure Hi-Fi Rush and the diverse piracy adventure Sea of Thieves.

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