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Sea of Thieves is Officially Confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Will Be Released on April 30



Sea of Thieves is officially confirmed for PlayStation 5 and will be released on April 30

One of the biggest exclusive games for XBOX and PC, Sea of Thieves is finally setting its sail to a new platform, PlayStation 5 on April 30. This rumor has been circulating since the start of this year and Microsoft has finally revealed to the public that they will be able to experience the diverse experience of pirating on a brand-new platform.

Originally, this announcement was supposed to be made on Nintendo Direct which took place yesterday but due to their absence, they couldn’t make the announcement there. Shortly after the event, Microsoft and the team of Sea of Thieves issued a video regarding a new stretch for the Sea of Thieves community and how they will be able to enjoy the adventures together no matter the platform.

Similar to the cross-platform and cross-progression on XBOX and PC for Sea of Thieves, PlayStation players will also be able to play with their friends who are on other platforms without any barriers. The game is filled with surreal adventures, lores, PVE and PVP battles, and much more, it will only make the community bigger as all players from multiple platforms sail together.

Furthermore, two more XBOX Games, Pentiment and Grounded were confirmed today at the Nintendo Direct and will be coming to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles, and Bethesda Softworks also announced the Hi-Fi RUSH for PlayStation 5 which will be released on March 19.

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