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Palia is officially launching on Steam on March 25



Palia is officially launching on Steam on March 25

Palia is already a multi-platform free game that can be played on Nintendo Switch and on PC via Palia’s official launcher from their website or from the Epic Games Store. Additionally, Palia was announced to make its way to the biggest PC platform, Steam back at the end of 2023 after the release on Nintendo Switch, and today Singularity Six shared exciting news confirming the release date on Steam for Palia.

The official release date for Palia launching on Steam is March 25, 2024, and the Singularity Six has released a launch date announcement trailer on Palia’s official YouTube channel and tweeted out on Palia’s official profile on X/Twitter. Furthermore, you can also read their official blog on Steam release on the official Palia News section.

Palia on Steam will be released with its latest running patch so, that all the new and old players can enjoy the latest content and features of the game. Players who already have a Palia account will be able to continue their adventure on the Steam platform without losing any of their progress as the game allows both cross-progression and cross-play systems on Steam.

With this exciting news for the fans, Singularity Six will also be giving away a Frogbert Plush on the launch day by running a Wishlist Campaign. As there is about a month left in the release date on Steam for Palia, the more players Wishlist the game on Steam, the bigger the Frogbert Plush will be rewarded to players on the launch day.

There is a total of five different sizes that have been issued for Frogbert Plush with each one being guaranteed after 100K Wishlist. At the time of writing this article, more than 200K Wishlists have been done so the level 2 size of Frogbert Plush has been guaranteed for the players. So, if you are someone who wishes to play Palia on Steam, make sure to Wishlist it on your Steam account.

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