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Rumor: Two More Games Allegedly Leaked for Upcoming Nintendo Direct



Rumor: Two More Games Allegedly Leaked for Upcoming Nintendo Direct

After the official report and ESA’s statement confirming the cancellation of this year’s E3 event, which was also accompanied by Nintendo’s absence, gamers were left disappointed. However, new indications have emerged suggesting the possibility of a Nintendo Direct presentation, albeit slightly delayed from the initial schedule.

Previous Rumors and Speculation

Recall the rumor from a few days ago that hinted at an upcoming Nintendo presentation. Another rumor soon followed, further fueling the anticipation. Subsequently, an update on the official website raised alarms, and the latest rumor suggests that the Direct presentation will take place next week. What’s more, an exact date for the alleged event has purportedly been leaked, with additional sources corroborating this information. Yesterday, the supposed first announcements for this rumored Direct surfaced.

Expanded Rumor Details

Building upon the existing speculation, another reputable leaker now claims to have insider information on the games that will be announced during the presentation:

  1. A new 2D Mario game: Nintendo enthusiasts can anticipate the reveal of a brand-new installment in the beloved Mario series, promising a return to the classic 2D platforming gameplay that has captivated fans for decades.
  2. A remake of a classic SNES title: Retro gaming enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that a cherished Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game is rumored to receive the remake treatment. This announcement holds the potential to evoke a wave of nostalgia among gamers eager to relive their favorite SNES memories with modern enhancements.

As these rumors continue to circulate, fans of Nintendo eagerly await further updates and official confirmation of the rumored Nintendo Direct presentation. The prospect of a new Mario game and a nostalgic SNES remake adds to the excitement and fuels speculation about the company’s plans for the near future.


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