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Whoopi Goldberg Expresses Discontent over Diablo 4’s Exclusion from Apple Mac, Demands Refund



Whoopi Goldberg Expresses Discontent over Diablo 4's Exclusion from Apple Mac, Demands Refund

On June 6th, the highly anticipated Diablo IV was released, breaking pre-release sales records within Blizzard’s franchise. However, amidst the excitement, a segment of the gaming community was left disappointed and frustrated. Owners of Apple Mac computers discovered that they were unable to enjoy the new installment of the beloved series.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Dissatisfaction

One notable figure who voiced her dissatisfaction was the renowned actress and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg. In response to the absence of Diablo IV on Mac, Goldberg made a public statement, pledging not to support future Blizzard releases if they continued to exclude Mac users. This declaration raised eyebrows and prompted a response from the game’s producer, but the story did not end there.

In a recent social media post, Goldberg shared that she remained deeply upset by the situation. Expressing her disappointment, she revealed that the developers had not reached out to address the issue. Consequently, she now demands a refund for the copy of Diablo 4 that she purchased. Goldberg acknowledged that Blizzard might suggest purchasing the game for Xbox, but she insisted on having her money returned. Moreover, she emphasized that many individuals shared her sentiment, feeling let down by the unfulfilled promises.

Blizzard’s Compatibility Oversight

Goldberg concluded her statement by reiterating her fondness for Blizzard as a company but emphasized that the situation had spiraled out of control. She contended that the release of the game could have been handled better, specifically in terms of ensuring compatibility with Mac systems. By underscoring this oversight, Goldberg hoped to shed light on the disappointment felt by Mac users and encourage developers to address compatibility concerns more proactively.

Despite the controversy surrounding its availability on Mac, Diablo IV continues to captivate a vast player base, eager to immerse themselves in its dark fantasy world. Many players have embarked on the quest to discover the elusive “cow level” while Blizzard endeavors to close loopholes associated with rapid leveling methods. This sustained interest reflects the enduring appeal of the franchise and its ability to captivate and engage players on various platforms.

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