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Rumors Claim that Hi-Fi Rush is Coming to Nintendo Switch



Hi-Fi Rush Coming to Nintendo Switch

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the best games of Microsoft of the past year, 2023 as it has won the award for Best Audio Design and was nominated for 5 different Game Award categories. With such huge success on XBOX Consoles and PC, there is certainly new content planned for the future of the game but NateTheHate had some inside information regarding the future announcement of the game on Nintendo Switch.

He is among the authentic claimers with a strong track record and he announced that Microsoft will be launching one of its best titles of the past year on Nintendo Switch later this year. As there haven’t any many competitive titles from Microsoft in 2023, the only successful title left is Hi-Fi Rush.

After his podcast on YouTube, this news spread vastly on the internet and one of the other appreciated claimers of ResetEra, lolilolailo replied to a user ‘And you’ll win’ on the forum predicting which game will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

After all, it is all just a rumor but there is another strong possibility that Hi-Fi Rush might come to Switch 2, a new console from Nintendo.

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