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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Mimosa



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Mimosa

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action along with a taste of countless beats. Players will get to explore the different parts of Vandelay Island and encounter different enemies. As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to fight the main heads of Vandelay Island as well which are the main bosses of the game. One of the bosses that players will get to fight is Mimosa who is the charming lady of Vandelay and she will be holding a concert at the Vandelay Museum.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Mimosa in Hi-Fi Rush.

Defeating Mimosa

Mimosa is the fifth main boss of the game that players will get to defeat in the 9th stage of the game (Take the Stage). She has three health bars and all of them will have a different phase. Meaning she will be changing her playstyle and moves throughout the fight.

Phase 1

Mimosa will be wearing a Wing Suit which let her fly in the air and you will not be able to directly hit or do a combo on her without breaking down the Wing Suit. Her Wing Suit protects her and you will have to break the shield of the Wing Suit by getting close to her in the air. To get to her, you will have to use the Magnetic Grab ability. It will let you close to her and you will be able to hit her with your combos, and by doing a perfect sync combo, you will be able to knock down Mimosa to the ground.

When she is on the ground, you can call all of your three allies to deal more damage to Mimosa to deplete her HP quickly. However, you do need to dodge or parry her attacks. While she is in the air, she will start to sing to make musical notes around her. These Music Notes can be parried as well as dodged. You will have to time it right to parry all of them and if you are dodging then make sure to do a couple of dashes away because these notes will make an explosion on collision with the ground.

Another attack of Mimosa is that she will aggress toward you while stretching her wings. You need to dodge out of her way. It cannot be parried because she will grab you if you are in her range. The final attack of Mimosa in the first phase is that she will fire blue balls at you that can be dodged easily.

While dodging and parrying her attacks, make sure to get close to her to break her wings’ shield to knock her down and deplete her HP. Once the first HP Bar of her is depleted, the second phase will begin.

Phase 2

In the second phase of the fight, Mimosa will turn off the lights on the stage and all the enemies will be highlighted through a spotlight. Mimosa will be under a Purple Spotlight. Mimosa’s Assistant Bots will also come to the stage but you need to focus on Mimosa because she will be staying on the stage for this phase.

Use the Magnetic Grab to quickly get to her and do your combo on her and call all three of your allies to deal massive damage to her. When she is knocked down, do your Heavy Attack Combo on her while calling all of your allies. You can deplete Mimosa’s HP very quickly in this phase because she will not be flying.

However, she disappears during the phase and reappears somewhere else on the stage. Make sure to use the Magnetic Grab to get to her quickly whenever she disappears and then attack her with your combos and allies. Her Assistant Bots will have flamethrower weapons so, you will have to keep your distance from them or just take them out as well.

Performance Mini-Game

Once the second bar of Mimosa is depleted a small mini-game of performance will begin. You will have to press the buttons on the screen according to the beat. You will see the buttons on the screen going according to the beat and you will have to press them at the perfect time. Mimosa and you will go one by one performing your best and you will have to beat Mimosa to claim the best performance.’

You will have to push your meter to full by successfully making the beat by pressing the buttons. Once you have done that, the third and last phase of the fight will start.

Third Phase

In the third and last phase, Mimosa will start to fly again and before you get to use the Magnetic Grab, she will use the Equalizer Wave attack. She will put out two robots that will create music waves and trap you inside a big box. You will have to take out both of the robots as well as dodge the music waves. You can call Macaron as well to break the robots.

After breaking the robots, the box will disappear and you will be able to use the Magnetic Grab on Mimosa to get close to her. Use your combos just like in the first phase to take out the shield of her wings and knock her down. Call your allies and do the heavy attack combos to deal massive damage to her.

She will have similar attacks as before in the first phase but one of her new attacks will be attacking lights in all directions while flying. You can dodge it by staying under her and calling Peppermint to shoot her down.

After you have depleted the last bar of her HP, you will have to parry her attacks to defeat her. Notice the beats on her attacks and then press the B button at the perfect time to parry her attacks. You will have to do this two times.

After successfully parrying her attacks, you will send her to the sky in the cutscene.

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