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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Roquefort



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Roquefort

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action along with a taste of countless beats. Players will get to explore the different parts of Vandelay Island and encounter different enemies. As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to fight the main heads of Vandelay Island as well which are the main bosses of the game. One of the bosses that players will get to fight is Roquefort who is the head of the Finance of Vandelay and manages all the profits that come around.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush.

Defeating Roquefort

Roquefort is one of the Final Bosses of the game and you will get to fight Roquefort in the 10th Stage: A Masterplan. Roquefort is one of Kale’s favorite people in Vandelay and since he is the head of the Finance, he has a giant Wolf Robot to which he can turn. It has a single Health Bar but you will have to deplete it three times all in different areas. So basically, this fight has three phases.

1st Phase

Roquefort’s Wolf Robot has a ton of shield so, it takes a while to knock it down. However, you can call all of your allies at the same time to inflict it with different attacks. Macaron will be able to take it down in a few hits. Peppermint’s gun and Korisca’s Wind Attacks are also impactful on the Wolf Robot. You can combine all of your allies’ attacks with your heavy attack combos to deal massive damage and deplete Roquefort’s HP.

The attacks of Roquefort in the first phase can be easily dodged. His first attack is the three-hit strike. He also has wind attacks where he will create three small tornados around him. Just back off and let the tornados fade away and then push him again with your combo attacks and allies’ attacks. He will also be dashing and dodging your attacks so, you will have to keep a trace of his movement as well. Once your Reverb Gauge is charged, use your Special Attack on Roquefort to deal great damage.

Once you have depleted 80% of his health, Roquefort’s Wolf Robot will be disabled and now, it will be only Roquefort himself. He will use a Blue Shield which can be broken by calling Peppermint and then he will also use a Z-Shielding which can be broken by calling Macaron. After taking down his Shields, push him with your attacks and deplete the rest of his HP to go to the next phase of the fight.

2nd Phase

The next phase will be inside the vault and once again you will have to take down his Wolf Robot. At the start, call your allies to inflict damage to Roquefort and he will start to do the Wind Attack. You will automatically call Korisca and get to play a mini-game. You will have to press the buttons on the screen to parry the wind attack of Roquefort.

After that, Roquefort will be out for a moment so, aggress him with all of your allies’ attacks and your heavy attack combo to deal massive damage to him. He will have a new attack in this phase which cannot be parried so, you will have to dodge away from it. He will strike with Wolf’s Claws rapidly and you do not want to get caught in it because it will take away a great amount of your Health. A flash will appear on the wolf’s head before it gets to do this attack. Dodge away and once he is finished his attack, aggress him with yours. The rest of the attacks are almost similar to the first phase so, dodge the attacks and deal damage to him to disable the Wolf Robot.

Once Roquefort is out of the Wolf Robot, he will have his lasers on inside the vault. Go through the lasers when they open up and take out the shields of Roquefort and deal damage to him take out the second health bar of Roquefort.

3rd Phase

The 3rd Phase will be in the area filled with Gold inside the Vault. Roquefort will turn into the Wolf Robot again and this time he will be using all of his previous two phases’ attacks. If you have learned or mastered them on dodging then you will be able to take down Roquefort Wolf Robot in no time. Just focus on hitting them with your successful combos and calling your allies for their attacks.

You will have to take down 80% of his HP and a cutscene will start where Roquefort will stand under the Profit Machine and get drowned in the Profits. Chai will get Roquefort’s USB to SPECTRA and the boss fight will end.

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