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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat Kale



Hi-Fi: How to Defeat Kale

Kale is the Final Boss of the game and players will get to defeat him in the last stage of the game, Curate the Future. Kale is the head of the Vandelay Armstrong Project as well as the leader of a program called SPECTRA. Chai and his allies will have to defeat Kale to get the last password for stopping SPECTRA before launching.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush.

Defeating Kale

Kale will be wearing a special suit and before you really get to fight him, he will control Chai’s mind with a device in his arms. You will have to play as the CAT to take out the device and conscious Chai again. After that, you will get to defeat Kale in a proper boss fight. He will have a single Health Bar but you will have to deplete it three times so, there will be three phases to this final boss fight.

1st Phase

Kale will be using his sword to the slash attacks and you can parry them if you time them correctly but it is difficult to know the timing because the drones around Kale will also shoot you from time to time. The best bet is to dodge the slash attacks and then aggress against him with your combo attacks with your allies. He also has some electric attacks and one of them is the ground pound in which he will slam the ground to create an electric field in an area.

Dodge the attack by staying out of the area of effect. He will also land the electric strikes on your position which can be seen by the green area on the floor. Dodge away from the green area to dodge the electric strike. Once you have timed Kale’s attacks right, you will be able to take him out easily with your combo attacks, special attacks, and allies’ attacks. Make sure to call out your allies after every few moments to continuously deal damage to Kale.

Once the health bar is depleted, you will get to Parry the attacks of Kale. You need to memorize the attacks of Kale according to the beat and then parry the attacks by pressing the B button and if there is a wind attack then press the RB Button to dodge it.

2nd Phase

In the Second Phase, the suit of Kale will expand and extend out 4 new arms with different materials on them. Two of them will have Z-Shielding on them, 1 of them will do fire attacks, and 1 of them will pull out a Blue Barrier. All of these arms will protect Kale from your attacks. You will have to wait for Kale to attack with one of these arms and then you will have to call a specifically to take out that arm. You can take out the arms by calling the following allies.

  • To take out the Flamethrower, call Korisca.
  • To take out the Blue Barrier Shield, call Peppermint.
  • To take out the Z-Shielding, call Macaron.

Once an arm is down, you will have to attack the arm to break it. As you attack it, the HP of Kale will gradually decrease. When you break the arm, it will take out one-fourth of Kale’s HP. Once you have taken out all of the arms of Kale, the second phase of the boss fight will end.

3rd Phase

In the third phase, Kale will come for you with everything he has. He will use his sword to create flames and send them toward you. You can jump over them easily. The rest of the attacks are similar to the first phase but he will be using fire attacks rather than electric attacks. However, the projectiles of the fire attacks are the same as the electric attacks so, dodge them when you see the green area on the floor.

Another sword attack is the projectiles that he will throw toward you. You can dodge it by dashing in another direction. Other than that, you will have to keep attacking him by calling your allies and doing combo attacks on him. Do the perfect sync attacks on him to charge your Reverb Gauge and then do the Special Attack on him to deal great damage to him.

Keep repeating the process until you depleted all of his Hp and in the end, you will get to Parry his attacks. Memorize the attacks according to the beat and parry and dodge the attacks to initiate the mini-game where you will have to press the buttons on the screen for every character to attack Kale.

Once you have successfully done that, Kale will be defeated, and the last cutscene of the game will roll.

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