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Grand Theft Auto V Leaving XBOX Game Pass Today



GTA V Leaves Game Pass Today

XBOX Game Pass offers over 100 titles for the subscription owners to enjoy on PC as well as XBOX Series X|S without any additional cost. As the year goes on, the Game Pass gets new titles along with removing some of the previous titles from the list. One of the most popular titles on the XBOX Game Pass from the recent year is Grand Theft Auto V which was added on July 5, 2023.

Unfortunately, the Grand Theft Auto V is leaving XBOX Game Pass today confirmed by Microsoft as the new games will be rolling into the Pass. It isn’t the first time that Grand Theft Auto V was added to the Game Pass as it already has completed 2 rolls. The first roll for GTAV was back in May 2020 and the next one was in August 2021.

Now, that Grand Theft Auto V is leaving its third roll, new games will be added throughout January and the rest of the year. With the recently added games like Farcry 6, Remnant II, etc. in December, Close to the Sun and Hell Let Loose were the first 2 games that were added to XBOX Game Pass in January 2024.

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