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Silent Hill 2 Remake Listed for 2024 Release in New PlayStation Trailer



Silent Hill 2 Remake Listed for 2024 Release

Silent Hill 2 is one of the best horror titles developed by Team Silent and its Remake was initially announced back in October 2022 during the Silent Hill Transmission event. Team Konami’s announcement of Silent Hill 2 Remake got fans hyped for its release but they never spoke another word for its release.

However, PlayStation showcased its upcoming games of 2024 for PS5 yesterday in a trailer and it does include the name of Silent Hill 2 Remake. Even though the Bloober Team hasn’t made any official announcement on their end but this teaser shows that Silent Hill 2 might be closer than the fans think.

The trailer of PlayStation doesn’t show any new footage of Silent Hill 2 Remake but the old footage which was initially revealed by Team Konami. We do know that Bloober Team is sticking to the original story of Silent Hill 2 which would bring the same but better experience for both veteran and new players.

Since it is one of the highly anticipated games from last year, this released list of 2024 games for PS5 brought a sight of hope to the fans that they would get their hands on it this very year.

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