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Last Week for Palia Players to Claim the Free In-Game Items



Last Week for Palia Players to claim the Free in-Game items

The month of December has been a great success for Palia and Palian fans as they launched their games on Nintendo Switch along with announcing on Steam for the next year. In this month of holiday, the team of Palia decided to give out several free items for players to achieve both on PC and Nintendo Switch along with the Palcat Twitch Drops.

With all of these free items, Palia is reminding players to get the free in-game items to get them before they get removed. Two of the main decorating items that players can get before 31st December 2023 are the Windmill and The Froggy Bucket.

The Windmill décor item was added earlier this month whereas, The Froggy Bucket was added with the launch of Palia on Nintendo Switch in mid-December. Getting both of these items is really simple, all that players have to do is to log in to the game using their Palia game account and claim them from the ‘News’ tab.

Both of these items can be claimed on both PC and Nintendo Switch so, they are not exclusive to any singular platform. If you are someone who hasn’t logged in this month to the Palia game, give it a go and claim the free rewards as they will not be returning.  

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