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Claim the Last 4 Gifts from the Season of Giving of Disney Dreamlight Valley



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Last 4 Items of Season of the giving

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Season of Giving has been live for a week gifting players various items for free to celebrate the holiday in the Dreamlight Valley. Players who have been redeeming the codes that were being shared on the official account of Disney Dreamlight Valley on X (Twitter) will now be able to claim the last code to get the last 4 gift items of Season of Giving.

The code for the last items from the Seasons of Giving is ‘SG2023GIFTS​’ which will reward players with the following items.

  • Painted Table
  • Vine Flower Lamp
  • Snowy Festive Window
  • Telescope

All of these items are highly requested by the players across the platforms and now will finally be able to get them as a gift for the holiday from the Disney Dreamlight Valley team.

How to Claim the Code

To claim the code, you need to open the game menu and navigate to the ‘Settings’ Tab. From there, select the ‘Help’ option to view the ‘Redeem Code’ option. Enter the code by typing yourself in the bar and hit the claim option to redeem all 4 items. If you try to copy and paste the code, it will not detect the code and will give you an error.

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