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Dead Space: How to Get Stasis Module



Dead Space: How to Get Stasis Module

Dead Space has a lot of different schematics for the weapons and different modules for the Suit of the main Protagonist. Players will find different modules as they progress through the main story of the game and one of the modules that players can find early in the game is Stasis Module.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Stasis Module in Dead Space.

Stasis Module Location

Stasis Module is one of the first modules that players will be able to find in the first chapter: New Arrivals. Stasis Module can be found outside of the Tram Station Hall door which is inside the Tram Tunnel area. Players will have to go along the main objectives of the first mission to reach the Tram Tunnel area.

Stasis Module Location

Getting Stasis Module

After surviving the Necromorph attack in the Lounge, players will have to make their way to the Tram Control Room. You will find the Plasma Cutter Weapon when you come down from the elevator. Use it to open the door and then go ahead to the path to get to the Tram Control Room Door. Interact with it to open the door and go inside the Control Room. There will be different areas that you can go to by interacting with the doors but you want to open the door with the Tram Tunnel slide.

Open the door and go down the ramp. Follow the tunnel to reach the Tram Station Hall door and as you go towards the door, you will see a shining blue item on the floor. Your character will take the Stasis Module from the arm of the body and plug it into his own suit.

Dead Space: How to Get Stasis Module

Use of Stasis Module

Stasis Module can be used to slow down the time in a certain space for a limited time. To use the Stasis Module, hold the L2 Button to aim and then press the Square Button to shoot the Stasis. It can be used to slow down fast-moving objects or enemies and makes it easier to kill the enemies.

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