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Dead Space: How to Replace Damaged Tram



Dead Space: How to Replace Damaged Tram

Dead Space has a lot of different puzzles in the game that players will have to solve in order to progress through the game. In the first chapter: New Arrivals, players will have to get the Tram running again for which they will be required to replace the Damaged Tram with another one to go ahead in the USG Ishimura.

In this guide, we tell you how to replace the Damaged Tram in Dead Space.

Replacing Damaged Tram

To get to the Damaged Tram, players will have to go through the Tram Tunnel and go through the Tram Station Hall. But in order to get to the Tram Station Hall, players will have to get the Stasis Module which can be found outside the Tram Station Hall door. Use the Stasis Module on the door to get inside the Tram Station Hall. Now, go along the path or use the Locator by pressing the Right Stick to see the way to the Damaged Tram.

Once you have reached the Damaged Tram area, there will be different control panels that you will have to use to replace the Damaged Tram. At first, interact with the Tram Repair control panel and then go to the panel on the right side to activate the Claw. Now, be ready for more Necromorphs. Kill the Necromorphs and activate the claw and then use Stasis on it so it stays intact with the Damaged Tram.

Replacing Damaged Tram

Now, go to the left side to use Claw Control and activate the second Claw. Now, more Necromorphs will show up. Be ready to take them out. After killing the Necropmorphs, use the Tram Repair panel in the middle to replace the Damaged Tram.

It will take some time for the new Tram to come up and in the meantime, some more Necromorphs will show up so, kill them while the new tram comes up.

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