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Demon’s Souls – Find Mephistopheles and complete the quest



Demon's Souls - Find Mephistopheles and complete the quest

In order to summon Mephistopheles at Demon’s Souls, you have to meet a few requirements. Once she’s on the plan, she’ll task you with some murders. The yield is just as high as the price. We will guide you through the entire Mephistopheles quest.

Find Mephistopheles and trigger the quest

The right time for the Mephistopheles quest depends on many factors. On their behalf, you have to kill some NPCs in the Nexus, who then stay dead until the end of the game. So take a close look in advance to see if you need the NPCs. That, in turn, depends, among other things, on which class you have chosen.

It is also important for planning the entire course of the game because for Mephistopheles to appear at all, your character tendency must be completely black. You can read about how to do this in our article on the topic of world tendencies and changing character tendencies.

The second requirement for the Mephistopheles quest is that you have freed Yurt from his cage in Upper Latria, i.e. in world 3-2. You also have to kill him and if your NPCs are sacred to you, we recommend that you do that as soon as possible.

If you have fulfilled both requirements, you will be able to find Mephistopheles in the Nexus. Run up the back stairs one floor up and look at the pillars in the middle. The picture below shows you the exact location. Below we list their missions and what rewards the quest will bring you in total.

All missions from Mephistopheles and rewards

In total, Mephistopheles will commission you with six murders. If one of her targets is already dead or no longer in the Nexus, she skips it and goes on to the next assignment. You will not receive any reward for the goals you skipped.

The following list shows you all the rewards that you will receive for commissions from Mephistopheles. Including the reward that you get if you also kill them in the end. The details of the souls are therefore only approximate, as various buffs are also important.

Orders from MephistophelesRewards
Kill Sankt Urbain and his followersApprox. 1800 souls, armor from St. Urbain, ring of prayer, 1x ephemeral eye stone
Kill Freke and his apprenticeApprox. 1600 souls, plague claw, armor by Freke, ring of magical sharpness, 1x ephemeral eye stone
Kill patchesApprox. 240 souls, thief’s ring, 1x colorless demon soul
Kill BiorrApprox. 740 souls, armor by Biorr, large bush shield, ring of great strength, 1x colorless demon soul
Kill OstravaApprox. 550 souls, runic shield, runic sword, mausoleum key, beast talisman
Kill YuriaApprox. 650 souls, armor of Yuria, ring of magical nature
Kill Mephistopheles after completing her questApprox. 950 souls, ring of the cursed, gold mask, rapier, rapier breaker

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