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Diablo IV: Breakdown of Quality-of-Features Coming to World of Sanctuary With Season of Blood



Season Of Blood Also Appears to Have a Duping Exploit, and Blizzard Is Not Pleased with Players Exploiting It

The current season of Diablo IV only has two weeks of time left and will be replaced with the next upcoming Season of Blood on October 17th with Patch 1.2.0. Several players demand more content from the seasons, as they are the only major updates for the game that give players purpose to keep playing the game, and the amount of content that was included in the first season was roughly a few hours long. As Diablo Seasons last for approximately three months of their time, the developers are considering adding new end-game content for players to enjoy once they are done with the main story of the new season.

Yesterday, Diablo held its Developer Stream with Associate Director of Community, Adam Fletcher, to highlight the details and features of the upcoming Season of Blood with Patch 1.2.0. The stream was about two hours long, and they shared quite interesting and compelling quality features for the upcoming season. Here is a breakdown of everything that was shared by the developers and confirmed to be included in Season of Blood.

5 New Endgame Bosses

Season of Blood will include five new endgame bosses that are unlocked with progression with certain tasks scattered around the world and required resources for each new boss in World Tier III and IV. These new bosses provide better opportunities to obtain specific unique and uber-unique items. The drop rate of unique and uber-unique has been improved along with unique cosmetics specific to each boss, allowing players to get these desired items.

Improved Endgame Activities

Several endgame activities/events have been improved regarding their time warnings and experiences. Legion Events in-between time has been reduced to 25 minutes with an incremented 10 minutes warning time. World Boss Fights are available more frequently as the spawn time for the world bosses is reduced to 3 hours and 30 minutes instead of 6 hours on all World Tiers. A spawn time warning will be prompted on all players’ screens 15 minutes before the spawning of World Boss.

Helltide Chests, Grim Gavors, and Whispers will grant more gold and experience on completion.

Improved Mounts

Horse-riding is also improved with a 15% increase in the base speed of the mount, spur duration to break barricades more often, and responsiveness to reduce getting stuck in the environment. Combat has also been tweaked while on the mount, and all the abilities have 50% reduced cooldowns along with dismount cooldowns of the mount.

Experience and Leveling Boost

Leveling up your characters has been increased drastically by 40% as killing monsters that are above level 50 will provide more experience. Experience gained from Elixirs and Seasonal Blessings also have been increased.

Apart from these changes and features, several items have been adjusted along with changes in Nightmare Dungeons, which makes them more worthwhile. You can read the extensive details of the items, dungeons, and miscellaneous changes on Blizzard’s official news page.

Diablo will hold its next Campfire Chat on October 10th in which they will cover class balance changes, updates to damage resistances, changes to Unique Item acquisition, and more, which will be added alongside the discussed quality of features in Season of Blood on October 17, 2023.

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