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Diablo IV Getting Criticized Over Recent Major Patch 1.1



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The highly anticipated first season of Diablo IV is set to launch in a day, promising a wealth of new content and the introduction of the new Seasonal Character. However, the excitement has been overshadowed by controversy surrounding the recent release of Season 1 Patch 1.1. This major patch, which significantly alters the gameplay and grinding mechanics of Diablo IV, has been met with widespread criticism from the player community.

Patch 1.1 introduces a series of changes to all classes, including the introduction of new Unique Items and Legendary Aspects. One particular item, The Oculus, has sparked considerable debate. This Unique Wand, designed for the Sorcerer Class, teleports the Sorcerer to a random location when the Teleport Enchantment is ready. This mechanic has been met with frustration by players, who argue that the ability to control the teleportation location is crucial for strategic gameplay and survival.

The patch notes also reveal a series of changes to the grinding aspect of Diablo IV. The experience points (XP) earned from defeating enemies have been reduced, slowing down the leveling process. For instance, players will now receive 10% less XP from defeating an enemy that is 7 – 10 levels higher than them. Additionally, the teleportation time from dungeons has been increased, a change that has been met with widespread disapproval.

The backlash to Patch 1.1 has been swift and vocal, with players expressing their dissatisfaction on Reddit through posts and memes. Some players are even considering uninstalling Diablo IV in favor of other games, such as Baldur Gate 3. The main point of contention is the perceived slowing down of the game’s pace, with players expressing concern over the increased time required to reach Level 100.

In response to the backlash, Adam Fletcher, the lead Development Director, announced via Twitter that the development team has taken note of the feedback. He promised a live stream on July 21st, 2023, to address player concerns and answer questions.

"Diablo IV Faces Backlash Following Recent Major Patch

While players remain skeptical about whether Blizzard will address the main issues slowing down the game’s pace, they are eagerly awaiting the upcoming live stream for answers regarding the controversial patch.”

Update: Diablo 4 just went down to 4.9 on Metacritic

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