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Diablo IV Starts Putting In-Game Shop Ads and Community is Not Happy With It



Diablo IV New In-Game Shop Ad

Every day there is something new controversy about Diablo IV and this time it is about the new In-Game Ad that has been put by the Blizzard. The Ad is for the new wares that are available in Tejal’s Shop and the players are not happy with it. After the 1.1.2 patch of Diablo IV, players are welcomed with the In-Game Pop-Up telling them that there are new cosmetics that you can buy. It irritated a lot of players saying that they bought the game at the full retail price and the first thing they come up with after the update is to buy new wares for the character.

The community is anxious about developers even for small things like these for the past few months. Players can simply close the Ad to jump into the game but they take these actions very seriously and are currently not happy with Blizzard and the whole team. One of the Reddit users Lovs2Spooj shares his point of view about the in-game ad with the following comment.

“As a player who’s been spending countless hours in dungeons (looking for The Butcher), open world farming goblins n elites and world boss events for mounts and bardings, getting that prompt after the small update…thinking they did something useful…saying “Hey, we put more s**t in the shop” is like a slap in the face. Those drops must intentionally be set to like a .001% chance to strong arm you into buying from the store. The little exclamation point next to SHOP is pretty sleazy too. We didn’t miss anything in the shop. Obvious the priorities are for microtransactions.”

The famous Twitch Streamer Asmongold also reacted to the new In-Game Shop Ad and quit the game in remorse.

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