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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space – Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space – Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new major update is live now with all new characters from the Pixar universe and Disney universe with new questlines. Players will be able to bring the new characters to the Dreamlight Valley and complete their questlines to earn all-new cool rewards. The first main quest in the new update will be Buzz Lightyear’s named “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space – Quest Walkthrough

Getting the Quest

To get the first main quest of Buzz Lightyear, players will have to make their way to Toy Story’s Realm in the Dreamlight Castle. The Realm door will require 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock. Make sure you have enough Dreamlight to open the Realm Door or you can grind Dreamlight by completing the Dreamlight Duties or completing other characters’ quests. Going inside the Toy Story’s Realm will start the “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” quest.

A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space Quest

As you enter the Toy Story’s Realm, an overview of the Realm will be given to you and the first objective will be to Explore the Toy Story Realm. You can look around but you need to talk to Buzz Lightyear who will be standing at the table. Go up on the table through the path made by toys and talk to Buzz Lightyear. He will be stuttering a lot and he will tell you to find two AA Batteries in the room. One Battery will be placed in front of a drawing on the right side of the closet and the other one will be under the race track.

A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space Quest

Grab both of the Batteries and give them to Buzz Lightyear. He will tell you about Woody and will tell you the idea of saving him. He will tell you to gather 10 pieces of Race Car Tracks in the room. You are looking for the tracks and the blocks that join the tracks. Just roam around the room and you will see shining items on the ground. The shining items will be referring as the quest items that you need to collect. So just collect the shining items and once you have all 10 Racing Tracks, go talk to Buzz Lightyear again to give them the tracks.

Getting the Quest

In the conversation, you will complete the track for the Race Car but some tracks will not be on a suitable level so, Buzz Lightyear will tell you to find Magic Growing Cactuses in the room. There will be 5 Magic Growing Cactuses that you need to find in the room and it looks like a circular toy. When you go near it, it will start shining so, you would know that it is a quest item. Collect all of the Cactuses in the room and then you need to place all of them under the shining tracks in the room.

space quest

Two tracks will be on the closet side of the room and the other track will be on the opposite side. Place the required Cactuses under all the tracks and then you need to water them. Equip the Watering Can and go close to the Track, you will see the track highlighting. When it highlights just perform the action button to water the cactuses. Water all the tracks one by one and all the Cactuses will grow, lifting all the tracks and leveling them with other tracks. Talk to Buzz Lightyear and he will give you a toy Race Car. You need to go to the Ladder under the starting of the Race Track and it will play a cutscene where the car will unlock the window.

Now, go to the table on the side of the bed to talk to Woody and he will tell you about the responsibility that Bonnie gave them. After that, talk to Buzz Lightyear and he will tell you to take a picture of Bonnie’s drawings in the room. You will need to find four drawings in total and those drawings have golden stars on them. The first drawing will be under the white table next to the slide. Go in front of the drawing and open the camera to take its picture. The second drawing will be on the floor laying against the books under Woody. The Third Drawing will be on the wall of the race track starting point. The fourth drawing will be in the closet.

space quest walkthrough

Take pictures of all of the drawings and report back to Buzz Lightyear. Buzz wants to create a perfect farm for Bonnie and it will require different types of flowers. Your character will invite Buzz over to Dreamlight Valley and he will give you his RV. Now, you need to go to the Dreamlight Valley and place Buzz’s RV in the Valley. Go to the Valley and find a suitable place for Buzz Lightyear’s RV. After finding the place, go into the furniture and select the quest items to place Buzz’s RV in the place you like.

After placing the construction of the RV, you need to interact with Scrooge McDuck’s board and it will cost you 10,000 Star Coins to build Buzz’s RV. Once you’ve paid the money, Buzz’s RV will be built and you will get to Welcome Buzz Lightyear in the Dreamlight Valley. Take a picture with Buzz Lightyear as he comes to the Valley and then talks to him to conclude the first main quest.

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