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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Magic Growing Cactuses Locations



Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Magic Growing Cactuses Locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update is live with all new content. Players will get to explore the Dreamlight Valley in the Holidays’ theme and complete all the new questlines for the newly added characters. As all the quests are different from one another, quests will require you to find different sorts of items. One of the main quests of Buzz Lightyear will require you to find Magic Growing Cactuses.

In this guide. We’ll tell you where to find all the Magic Growing Cactuses in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Magic Growing Cactuses

Players will need to find Magic Growing Cactuses in the quest named “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” by Buzz Lightyear. You will get this quest once you have entered Toy Story’s Realm. You will need to complete the objectives that Buzz gives you and eventually, he will tell you to find the Magic Growing Cactuses that can grow by giving them water. You will need to find a total of 5 Magic Growing Cactuses in Bonnie’s Room.

Magic Growing Cactuses Locations

Magic Growing Cactuses will be if different colors and they will look like circular toys. All of them will be scattered around the room and you can find them in the following locations.

  • Red Magic Growing Cactus
    • Come down the path on the right after talking to Buzz and you will find the Red Magic Growing Cactus as you come down.
  • ⦁ Green Magic Growing Cactuses
    • There are two Green Magic Growing Cactuses in the room. One can be found in the Closet and the other one can be found on the left side of the White table.
  • ⦁ Blue Magic Growing Cactus
    • Go near the Slide and you will find the Blue Magic Growing Cactus under the track.
  • ⦁ Yellow Magic Growing Cactus
    • Go to the left corner of the room passing the closet and you will find the Yellow Magic Growing Cactus.

After finding all the Magic Growing Cactuses, you will need to place them under the tracks and then water them to raise the level of the tracks so the Race Car can reach the locked Window to save Woody.

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