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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Definition of a Hero–Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Definition of a Hero–Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new major update is live now with all new characters from the Pixar universe and Disney universe with new questlines. Players will be able to bring the new characters to the Dreamlight Valley and complete their questlines to earn all-new cool rewards. The last quest for Buzz lightyear in the current update will be the “Definition of a Hero”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Definition of a Hero quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Quest

The last quest of Buzz Lightyear will require some things before you get to start it. The main thing from which the quest will unlock is by leveling up Friendship Level with Buzz Lightyear up to 10. After that, make sure you have the following characters unlocked.

  • Moana
  • Remy

Make sure you also have progressed further with Scrooge McDuck in the game to finally unlock the last quest of Buzz Lightyear.

Completing Definition of a Hero–Quest

Talk to Buzz to start the quest which will tell you to listen to a conversation of Buzz with Ursula in which Buzz will apologize to Ursula. After that, talk to Buzz and he will tell you to make Badges for which you are going to need the following items.

  • 3x Iron Ingot
  • 3x Fabric
  • 3x Blue Ink

Iron Ingot is crafted with Iron Ores and Coal Ore which can be found by mining the Black Colored rocks in all the biomes except the plaza and Peaceful Meadow. Fabric is crafted with Cotton which can be found in the Sunlit Plateau biome. Blue Ink can be crafted with Blue Hydrangea, Blueberry, and Empty Vial. Blue Hydrangea and Blueberry can both be found on Dazzle Beach whereas the Empty Vial can be crafted with Sand and Coal Ore. Sand can be obtained by digging sand on the Beach.

Once you have obtained all the required materials for the items, go to the Crafting Station to craft the items for Badges. Go to the Functional Items tab to craft the Space Ranger Badges for the characters. After crafting the badges, talk to Buzz and he will tell you to give the badges to the following characters.

  • Remy
  • Moana
  • Scar

Open the map to see where are all the characters then go to them one by one to give the Space Ranger Badge to each character. After that, make your way back to Buzz to talk to him and he will tell you to craft the items needed for the Grand Opening of Star Command Academy. You will have to craft the following items.

  • 20x Asphalt
  • 1x Blue and Silver Balloon Arch

Asphalt can be crafted with 1x Sand, 1x pebbles, and 1x Coal Ore so, you will have to gather 20 pieces of each material to craft 20x Asphalt. For the Blue and Silver Balloon Arch, you will have to gather the following items.

  • 10x Iron Ingot
  • 20x Blue Falling Penstemon
  • 20x Blue Star Lily
  • 20x Blue Marsh Milkweed

Iron Ingots are easy to get but for the plants, you will get to wait several minutes for them to respawn again, and to get all 20, is a long time. It is suggested that you may bring a Forager with you who can help you find more plants when you forage them. Once you have all the required items for the Asphalt and Balloon Arch, go to the crafting station to craft the required items for the Grand Opening of Star Command Academy. After crafting the items, you will have to place everything near Buzz’s RV.

Go into the Build Mode and go into the requests tab to see the items you need to place. Place the Arch near RV and then place the Asphalt under the arch and the area around it. After doing that, go to Buzz to talk to him. He will give you the Space Ranger Buffet which you need to place near Buzz’s RV. Before going to the celebration, you can also wear the Space Ranger Uniform but it is an optional objective. Place the Buffet to start the celebrations and then take a group photo with other characters. Talk to Buzz for the last time to conclude the quest.

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