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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Dots & Daisies Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Dots & Daisies Quest

Dots & Daisies is a Friendship Quest for Daisy in Disney Dreamlight Valley that becomes available after completing the Trouble in Paradise quest and reaching Friendship Level 4 with Daisy. This guide will walk you through how to complete the Dots & Daisies quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Dots & Daisies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

Speak to Daisy once you have reached Friendship Level 4 with her and completed the prior Friendship Quest named Trouble in Paradise. Speaking with her will initiate the Dots & Daisies quest in which she will mention a new project that she and Minnie would like to push forward. This new project is a fashion line called “Dots & Daisies” by Daisy and Minnie but putting it together will require your assistance.

Gather Materials for Daisy and Minnie’s fashion line

Daisy will fill you up on the materials and equipment required for their fashion line. Get the following materials and equipment mentioned below.

  • 30x Fiber – Obtained by crafting at a Crafting Station.
  • 30x Softwood – Foraged near the trees in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust biomes.
  • 3x Blue Hydrangeas – Found in the Dazzle Beach biome.
  • 5x Red Falling Penstemon – Found in the Plaza biome.
  • Sewing Machine – Speak with Mirabel to get the Sewing Machine.

Once you have gathered all the materials and the equipment, speak to Minnie to hand them over to her. After giving the materials to Minnie, she will ask you to speak with Scrooge to push their new fashion line in his store. Go and speak with Scrooge to see what he thinks. Unfortunately, Scrooge will not push the line until he sees a sample.

Now, go speak with Daisy to tell him about Scrooge needing a sample before he can push their new fashion line in his store.

Put on the Shirt by “Dots & Daisies” and take some selfies

Upon speaking with Daisy, she will give you a new shirt by “Dots & Daisies”. Open the Wardrobe and navigate to the Requests section to find the shirt. Equip the shirt so that you can take some selfies in it. You need to take three photos anywhere while wearing the shirt.

After taking the photos, go and speak with Daisy. She will tell you to decorate the Dazzle Beach and take some more photos.

Decorate the Dazzle Beach and take some more photos

Daisy will tell you to wear Sunglasses and a pair of Casual Shoes for more style on the outfit. Additionally, she will tell you to decorate the Dazzle Beach with Playful furniture items and take photos. Wear any sunglasses and casual shoes for the outfit but keep the Shirt by “Dots & Daisies” equipped.

Now, go to the Dazzle Beach biome and place any four Playful furniture items. You can find the valid furniture items in the Requests section of the Furniture Menu. Place the furniture items and then take three photos near them. Once you have taken the photos, speak with Daisy.

Meet Daisy and Minnie in the Castle near the fountain

Make your way to the Dreamlight Castle in the Plaza and enter inside. Go to the top floor to reach the fountain and you will see Daisy and Minnie near a small studio. Speak with Daisy and she will tell you to try on some Elegant style on the outfit and take more photos. You need to put on the following clothing items before you take photos in front of the Green Screen.

  • Shirt by “Dots & Daisies”
  • A Purple accessory
  • A pair of Elegant Shoes

Open the Requests section of the Wardrobe Menu to find all the valid clothing items. Put on each required item and take three photos. Once done, speak with Daisy and she will give you some Business Cards.

Give the villagers some Business Cards

You need to give the Business Cards to the following villagers while wearing the “Dots & Daisies” outfit.

  • Ursula
  • Anna
  • Remy

Go and speak with each villager to hand over the business card to them.

Completing the Quest

Once done, go back to Daisy and then follow her to Scrooge. Listen to Daisy and Scrooge’s conversation and then speak to Daisy to conclude the quest.


Completing the Dots & Daisies quest will give 880 Friendship Points as a reward.

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