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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Escape Claws Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Escape Claws Quest

The Escape Claws is the very first quest for the new Laugh Floor update of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will be able to start this quest once they have unlocked the Laugh Floor Realm.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Escape Claws quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Escape Claws Quest

Upon starting the Escape Claws quest, you will get to enter the Laugh Floor Realm and be tasked to examine the door to Laugh Floor. As you interact with the door, the security system will not you through the door as only the employees can get past this door.

Disguise yourself as a Monster

To disguise yourself as a monster, you need to open the storage and get the ‘Lost and Found Monster Wear’ bag. The storage is located beside the notice board near the entrance to the Realm. Once you have obtained the bag from the storage, open your inventory and open the bag to get several outfit items.

Now, open the wardrobe and select Sulley’s icon under the ‘Requests’ section to find the Monstrous Ears and Monster, Inc. Hat. Put on any Monstrous Ears of your choice and equip the hat to change your disguise as a monster. After getting into a monster disguise, open the camera to take a selfie and then you will be able to unlock the door to Laugh Floor.

Speak with Sulley and Clean up the Laugh Floor

Once you are through the security door, go and speak with Sulley. He will ask you to clean up the Laugh Floor. You need to clean 4x Slug Slime Puddles and 8x Party Trash. To clean the Slug Slime Puddles, use your Royal Watering Can and for the Party Trash, simply remove them by interacting with them.

All of the trash is located around the Laugh Floor area and once you have cleaned all of it, speak with Sulley again. This time he will tell you to make coffee for him and Mike.

Make Coffee for Mike and Sulley

Go back to the starting area to find the coffee machine and it will have a note on the side explaining the Coffee Orders for all the monsters. You can find the coffee recipes for both Mike Wazowski Special and Sulley’s Coffee. The ingredients for both the coffees are the following.

  • Mike Wazowski Special: 1x Coffee, 3x Sugar, and 1x Non-dairy Screamer.
  • Sulley’s Coffee: 5x Coffee

Grab the required number of ingredients from the table and interact with the coffee machine to start making the coffee orders for Sulley and Mike. Once you have made the coffee, go to Laugh Floor and bring the coffee to Mike. Upon handing over the coffee to Mike, you will get to speak with Mike and as you go through the dialogues, a brief cutscene will play.

Find the Emergency Manual

The Laugh Floor’s power will go down and Sulley will ask you to find the Emergency Manual. To find the Emergency Manual, go straight ahead along with the desks and you will find it on the second desk. Interact with the Emergency Manual to pick it up and then bring it to Sulley.

Rescue Mike

Rescuing Mike will require you to find three Fuses and connect ten Powe Lines to bring back the power. You can find the fuses in the following locations.

  • On the first desk.
  • On the fourth desk.
  • On the Red cabinet at the end of the Laugh Floor.

Upon gathering all three fuses, go to the fusebox and transfer all fuses. Now, follow along the power lines and interact with each one to connect them together. A few of the power lines will require you to move the trolleys before you get to connect them. Once you have installed the fuses and connected the Power Lines, another brief cutscene will play and Mike will be rescued.

Now, speak with Mike and then Sulley to conclude the first quest of the new update.

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