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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Vial of Ocean Water



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Vial of Ocean Water

Players will have to get various items for the quests that are used to craft into something useful for the Disney character or your game character. After progressing through half of the game and unlocking the starting biomes of the valley and unlocking the Frozen Realm, you’ll have to get an item named Vial of Ocean Water for the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Vial of Ocean Water in Disney Dreamlight Water.

Finding Vial of Ocean Water

A vial of Ocean Water is required for the Potion that you have to craft for your pickaxe so you can break the big ice pieces. Once Elsa is welcomed to the Valley, she’ll give you a quest named “Breaking the Ice” in which you have to break the ice that is blocking the entrance to the Ice Cavern in the Forest of Valor. Your Pickaxe wouldn’t be able to break the big pieces of ice so Elsa will tell you to make the Warmth of Summer Potion for your Pickaxe and she’ll apply the potion on the Pickaxe and you’ll be able to break the big ice pieces with ease.

A vial of Ocean is an ingredient for the potion and to find this potion, you have to go to Dazzle Beach. Dazzle Beach is one of the earliest Biome that you’ll unlock with 1,000 Dreamlight Points. Once you are on Dazzle Beach, go to the ocean water and start looking for a shining item in the ocean. If you find a shining item, interact with it to grab the Vial of Ocean Water. This item is a quest item so, you would only find it in this quest. If you go to Dazzle Beach after this quest or before this quest, you won’t find the Vial of Ocean Water.

Gather other resources for the potion and Elsa will upgrade your Pickaxe so, you can remove the big ice pieces.

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